Race Relations in a Global World: Leadership, Organizations, and ___.

发布时间:2023-11-10 10:00:28

Registration is open for the February 2024 Virtual Group Relations Conference:Race Relations in a Global World: Leadership, Organizations, and __________.

This four-day virtual conferenceis designed to engage past, present, and future leaders in a global dialogue about race relations using group relations methodology. As members, participants will have the opportunity to explore what is beneath the surface of global race relations while forming a temporary learning institution with our staff.

The conference will be conducted via Zoom, between 8am to 3pm ET, on February 22nd to 25th.Further details and registration information can be found on theconference website. 

Early Bird rates available for registrations and payment received before 8 December 2023 and membership registration closes 8 January 2024. Upon registration, members will get a detailed conference brochure with information about events, staff bios, and other logistics. For more information please reach out to: 


Donate to the Group Relations Scholarship Fund to help deliver a sustainable event in service of equity and opportunity.


New York Center for the study of groups, organizations, and social systems
The Tavistock Institute
Group Relations International
The A. K. Rice Institute



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