Janice K. Wagner

国际团体关系共同创始人、心理治疗师 CoCreator of Group Relations International,Psychotherapist

Janice K. Wagner, MSW, LICSW (she, her, hers), is a Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist in Boston, MA. She worked in the Child Welfare and Criminal Justice systems, as well in a private multi-specialty medical practice before engaging in a full-time private psychotherapy practice. She is a member and Past-President of the Center for the Study of Groups and Social Systems, a Fellow of the A. K. Rice Institute and a Co-Creator of Group Relations International. 

. She is an African American with roots in Texas and the Carolinas, who grew up in the US Virgin Islands.


Janice K. Wagner, MSW, LICSW(她,她,她的),是马萨诸塞州波士顿的一名临床社会工作者和心理治疗师。她在儿童福利和刑事司法系统工作,在从事全职私人心理治疗之前,她还在一个私人多专业医疗实践。她是团体和社会系统研究中心的成员和前任主席,A . K. Rice研究所的研究员,国际团体关系的共同创始人。她是AKRI赔偿委员会的副主席。她是非裔美国人,祖籍德克萨斯州和卡罗来纳,在美属维尔京群岛长大。

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